Friday, April 18, 2008

Zendran illegally charged by brown pigs

Yesterday I was tackled by 7 members of the brown pigs as I was walking by the science center on Thayer and Watermann St.s after leaving the watson institute where I went to find out more info about sertain events, including evo morales's upcoming speech, as they tried to enforce the illegal trespass issued this past monday. Once taken to thestation they said a complaint had been made by someone who had seen me at the watson institute earlier that day. When they were arguing about what to charge me with they admitted the previous trespass incidents from 2003 were invalid, but they were going to charge me with the illegal trespass which was issued when I was at the bupd hq. I argued that I had been told by the watson directors and faculty that I was welcome there whenever but they would not listen and I was turned over to ppd to be held by them until I was arraigned. Once at ppd hq a phone call I made to Dr. Beeman to inform him about the situation was blocked and during my stay there no other calls were allowed. I was told I would be released around 3 PM for arraignment but that never occured and I was held overnight. While being held I was denied the right to pray, despite the fact that one of the duty officers had allowed me to do so 2 years ago. During my detention I was initially told by one ppd member that I was held because I was denied transport, the one who released me said I was held for observation. I was arraigned by judge ippolito this morning. At my arraignment it was revealed that watson's receptionist michelle travers had made the call to brown, despite the fact that watson staff member Miranda Fasulo confirmed I was there to get info from the Director about events sponsored by watson. They tried to bring up the disorderly charge from October 2006 where I was found Not Guilty and I argued that with the judge. I pled Not Guilty and was released on recognizance and entered my appearance as a Pro Se Defendant. Needless to say I will fight these charges, and am in the process of taking action against brown by whatever means necessary, be it countersuit, encouraging others to divest, etc. Peter Z


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