Monday, April 21, 2008

Zendran harassed again by brown for retrieving property

This occured friday afternoon as I was retrieving the book I gave to the watson institute and other books I had left there. I managed to retrieve my books friday but as I left watson brown's pigs chased me. I got off brown property but the same pig who tried to trespass me tried to grab me off brown property. I kicked him off and was tackled by 4 more brown pigs, managing to kick 2 of them off me before I was handcuffed on the corner of brook and benevolent st.'s. I was then taken to ppd hq without being processed by brown. I learned the next day that I was being charged with trespassing and resisting arrest, the latter because I was off brown property when I beat up the 3 pigs and could not be charged with assault on an officer, and my bail was $1000 cash. As I could not pay the bail I was transported to aci intake for the weekend. There I was not allowed to pary on sunday, though I was able to pray inside ppd hq only because someone had hidden some lighters in my cell and I used these instead of a candle or any fire material, being told the chaplain was not in and during processing the pg who processed me could not be made to understand what Zoroastrianism was and they were trying to determine whether or not I was Muslim or Jewish. At ri district court monday I was presented as a violator and because I could not make bail and because of my low income the public defender argued that I recieve 1 year probation and that all fines be waived, which was granted. However, the court ordered I stay off brown property.
At this point I have 5 days to appeal the court's ruling and I am seeking legal options. I have managed to retrieve all my property I had on brown's preises and I am severing my ties with brown and the watson institute. Notice this comes after brown had packed both watson and the university with people who would crack down on activists like myself, that this occured before Evo Morales's visit to brown tomorrow which I had been invited to attend, and is anothe rincident in the long list of human rights violations brown has comitted since 2001. Whatever few friends I have remaining at brown I am able to meet with off campus so there is no real problem. Right now I am seeking legal assistance in this matter and am seeking legal action aganst brown for accepting money stolen from me.
Peter Z


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