Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Demistifying anti-riot tactics

I just recieved this today.
The author of this post does NOT know how to handle himself in a riot, and seeing he is a cop he has obviously encountered weak rioters. As someone who has been on both sides of the fence at demos and riots here is the truth about this person's tactics.
1. When it comes to close quarter fighting, be it going after riot cops with batons and other weapons or hand to hand combat, everything is luck of the draw, though the advantage rests with those with the better weapons and with more numbers. The fact that a cop 2 inches away from you can't fight is bullshit, if they can't hit they will grapple or swing blind too. If they are overwhelmed they will fall back and use their guns to kill rioters as they have and which they are right to do in these situations. Because the author of that post was stupid enough to telegraph tactics by suggesting rioters come armed it is probable the Basijis and Iranian riot cops will bring hand to hand weapons of their own, as happened in philly in 2000 and in north providence in 2007. To put this in perspective consider this. In April 2008 I put 3 cops in the hospital using close quarter tactics, the first one in single combat, and 2 more when I was swarmed, as they used the swarm tactic to get me under control and keep anyone from assisting me away. In September 2005 I chased cindy sheehan and her marines out of providence I took one of her marines out hand to hand, then when I was swarmed I moved into the crowd, where the crowd took my side and got them off. So luck of the draw is always the key in hand to hand situations.
2. The purpose of mounted cops, be it on horses or motorcycles, is to both increase manouverability and have an object which can be used as a ready weapon. While mounted cops are vulnerable in one on one confrontations, unless they are taken down immeadeatly knocking them off their bike will only buy them seconds to recover, and if they sense an attack they can always dismount and use their bike as a weapon, as has been done at riots and other confrontations.
3. The purpose of tear gas is to weaken crowds, either by dispersing them, or by imparing them either by weakening their respertory system or forcing them to wear cumbersome breathing gear unsuited to taking on multiple individuals.
4. As Iranian police have been given authorization to use deadly force and they have used that force already the author neglects to condsider this. The author should know that when lethal force has been authorized cops will use it when they feel threatened as they do not have to worry about taking anyone alive. As a cop he should know that when such an order has been given in a situation where cops have been taken down individually is for the cops being attacked directly to fall back so that the officers behind them may better fire on the rioters. In this situation it may be assumed that even if one cop is taken out the others will use lethal force on any and all people in the group of rioters will be shot. Also expect more lethal gasses to be used than tear gas against rioters.
Those causing the riots are threatening the stability of Iran and deserve whatever they get.
Peter II, Khan-e-Mazendaran


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