Sunday, June 14, 2009

Following up my open letter to leslie yeransian

Your recent reaction to my being on the news, namely on your old station, shows you have far to go as a person and makes me wonder about your mindset. Yes, people made trouble for us and eventually got theirs. However you were not completely honest with me and you still are not, and you must realize your actions have consequences as life is not the game you treat it to be.
You whine to me about taking down that letter. Can you change the past? Fuck no. What has happened has happened and we must face the past, for it effects the present and future. Furthermore I see you have the video of that news story you did which caused street people, some of who I used to help get services for, turn my doorstep and area into a place as filthy as the same abandoned squat building after they saw us in the news in August, thinking I coached you to say nasty things about them. Sure, the 501c3 crowd may be forgiving to you, but those who have to live in those abandoned buildings were effected by what you did, and many of them knew me. After all, when is the last time you ever experienced hardship?
How could you not think I was being honest and nice in sending you news about what happened to those who made trouble for us? After all, lisa churchville, jim taricani, the phoenix and prov urinal and their cohorts made as much trouble for me as they did for you. Had people not noticed that wjar would have not had to cut their employees as the staff from Fox news told me Friday, or the urinal nearly not gone under, or people would have avoided the providence library after I confronted the staff about their using online spyware to spy on our conversations. Or did you think you are the only one who has problems and can be affected?
Then again judging by how you act I really wonder about you. I’ll bet the reason that people gave you attidudes recently was that you gave them trouble and grief without ever considering their own situations and feelings. You complain about the bad behavior of others yet you demonstrate the same behaviors you complain about. Instead of facing the real world you hang out with phonies like the fuckheads at the algonquin club or in hollyweird, people who bring their problems upon themselves like the fuckheads from the fitzgerald novels you like, people who by their behavior goad clark rockefeller into doing what they do. In short, you behave like the rest of the sheeple that are ruining things in america and the world. I bet you never once thought about other people or considered things from the perspective of others. Nor would you recognize honesty from people like myself.
Peter Z


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