Monday, June 22, 2009

Major Iran news, Iran's government holds firm

These two news pieces are important. The one about Iran's military manouvers shows that Iran's government can still protect it's territory even with whacko rioters and demonstrators who do not realize the more they riot the more they leave Iran vulnerable to invasion like Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia, Liberia, haiti, etc. The one about media manipulation from voa and bbc is important. The propaganda campaigns of 1941 and 1978-9 were instrumental in causing instability in Iran. The voa persian not only spews propaganda but has spammed people, myself included, with their broadcasts. If Iranian news agencies behaved in america and the uk the way voa and bbc do they would be shut down and charged with telecommunications violations.
Peter II, Khan-e-Mazendaran

Iran’s Air Force starts maneuvers Monday
Tehran Times Political Desk

TEHRAN – Iran will carry out an air maneuver today to strengthen the
operational might of the air force.

The air exercise that is called ""Milad-e-Noure-Velayat"" aims at
increasing the logistical power and jet fighters’ capability.

Fueling and refueling operations will also be carried out during the air

The fighters will fly at low altitude at a distance of 700 km over the
Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman. They will test new ammunition that was
produced by the Air Force.

The reconnaissance and surveillance aircrafts will also be used during
the war game.

This maneuver is to promote the efficiency of the Air Force personnel in
loading the ammunition into the fighters.

The Air Force also carried out a war game named 'Ra'ad 2' over the
Persian Gulf waters and the Sea of Oman earlier this year in which the
war planes flew distances of approximately 2000 kilometers.

The Army carries out war games on a regular basis in order to enhance
coordination among its different forces and to test the newly developed
military weapons produced by the country as well

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Iran's Foreign Ministry Blames VOA, BBC for Unrest
Source: VOA

Iran's Foreign Ministry says the Voice of America and the British
Broadcasting Corporation are responsible for the post-election unrest in

Iran's Press TV quotes Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hassan Qashqavi as
saying that any communication Iranians have with these news
organizations runs counter to Iranian sovereignty and is considered "an
act of enmity towards the Iranian nation."

In remarks Saturday, the spokesman also called VOA and the BBC "command
posts engineering the ongoing post-election riots."

Neda: Killed on June 20th, 2009 by the security forces in Tehran

Iranian authorities have severely restricted independent media coverage
of opposition protests, and witnesses to these events are reaching out
online and by telephone to report what they see on the streets.

They are relying on social media Web sites, such as Twitter, Facebook
and YouTube to tell the world about demonstrations and crackdowns in
their cities and news agencies find themselves relying on the
information these citizens' publish.

One video broadcast on CNN Sunday, found on YouTube, appears to show a
nighttime home invasion. The video is dark, but a woman can be heard
screaming in Farsi, "they are coming from the balcony!" and shouting
"get out!"

One look at Twitter postings on the theme of "Tehran" shows that many
people who are posting have tinted their profile pictures green, the
color of the opposition.

And Facebook has announced it is making its Web site available in
Persian, so Iranians can use the service in their native language.

Google also introduced a new Persian translating tool.

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