Monday, June 29, 2009

Kiram democracy

There is a country ruled by an often inept government that has an up and coming population of young people who are stupid and lazy and who decide to vent their frustration by agitating for anything they see as opposition, even if it is a foreign backed entity which has only destructive plans against them.

While the description at time of writing can easily apply to Iran and America , it also easily applies to Serbia , Ukraine , Georgia , Haiti , Liberia , Kyrgyzstan , and other countries where ameircan manipulation has been prominent in disrupting local governments to replace them with ones who will back American plans which ultimately weaken them. In each case uprisings were instigated, though recently in Iran unsuccessfully, in which people, particularly young stupid ones, rose up and got other disaffected groups to join them, causing the native government to panic and one which was even more incompetent to be ushered in. Often the fact that there was manipulation was obvious, but this was often ignored, and the stupid young people went ahead and did something stupid which ruined their lives.

In the most recent case, Iran , the foreign manipulation was more than obvious. The losing candidate in the presidential election, mousavi, was a longtime cia asset, involved in the Iran-contra scandal, and he courted Iran’s idiotic young so well that when he lost the election they rioted in support of him. Bear in mind that these same Iranian youth had spent years advocating against american/israeli invasion of Iran rioted in support of a candidate who was backed by the same people they had worked against. They were quick to accuse Ahmadinejad and khameni of rigging the election yet they made excuses to discount american/cia meddling in the election despite obvious evidence staring them in the face. After all, first dick holbrooke helped cause further instability in Afghanistan and Pakistan, then dragged Iran into getting involved in their affairs, which only spread Iran’s resources thinner. Plus the threat of an israeli attack on Bushehr, Natanz, and other Iranian targets would keep Iran’s government on edge. And to add insult to injury reza pahlavi and other of his cia/sidney austin talab have been attending demos in support of the rioters, though previously they have avoided going to such events for years. Then again, seeing how many of those people putting on those demos recive funding from the american government it should come as no surprise they are american backed with american goals behind them.

Most important of all the riots would not have been possible without an up and coming population of stupid, lazy young people. Most of them have been exposed to western culture and have been deliberately been shown the glitzy side of it that they easily dismiss the fact that more human rights violations occur in the west, namely america, than anywhere else. Plus they complain all the time about Iran’s government, but they have done nothing to improve things in Iran they complain about. They are too lazy to take jobs in the government, military, or in essential commodities like food, finance, technology etc. where they can provide essential services to Iran’s people, develop outstanding careers or behaviors, and act in a way that Iran’s government will be dependent on them and will not attack them. Instead they waste their lives pissing cash on BMW’s, clothes from Chanel and gap, goofing off at shabeh jendeh parties, and blowing money at expensive colleges for degrees which are a symbol of connections rather knowledge. Such people can easily be seduced by corrupt governments.

The easiest way these people are seduced are with promises of freedom and democracy, yet they never take a look at what democracy has done. In principle democracy is the rule of the majority, however in every country in which democracy has taken hold, be it america, britain, france, etc a small group of people has been able to control a commodity, be it the media, weapons, money, food, etc to manipulate the masses to their will. Such has happened in america that elections have been rigged for decades and the people fall for it, thinking they have freedom and democracy, ie a system which they think they can control but do not. This method has helped groups of elitist gangsters take control in america and in the britsh commonwealth and has caused mass violations of people’s freedoms in those countries, yet the masses falsely think democracy can save them.

Furthermore, the memories and knowledge of the people rioting/demonstrating for democracy they forget or do not realize the consequences of their actions. Promises of democracy were made in Iran in 1978, which caused the current regime to be put in power in 1979, and now the same tactics that were used to put that regime in power then are being used now to attack it. Promises of democracy were made in Yugoslavia in the 1990’s to destroy that country and to overthrow Milosevic, and when subsequent political leaders in Serbia began behaving like Milosevic elections were manipulated with american backing to remove them. In Georgia the american government incited riots against Shevardnadze to get him to resign in favor of the candidate of their choice, who led Georgia into a disastrous war with Russia which america could not get involved in. In the Ukraine american backing of Yushchenko pressured his pro-Russian opponents to yield to him in an election, and now the Ukraine not only has more government problems but is economically weaker and more at the mercy of Russia. In Pakistan Musharraff was pressured to resign after american and british backed rioters took to the streets against him in the name of democracy, and now Pakistan is unstable with american military attacks occurring there regularly. People in Kyrgyzstan rioted in 2005 to pressure Akayev, who was anti-american, to resign in favor of Bakiyev, who now is taking the same stance as his predecessor. Haiti has seen two american invasions in two decades in order to push american democracy there by ousting popularly elected leaders, leaving the country a wasteland. Liberia was invaded by the bush administration to put the leader of america’s choice there ruining the country. Overall, democracy today is as much a form of dictatorship as nazism, fascism, marxism, and communism, and those who agitate for democracy do so like a blind man who desires a painting.

When people agitate for something they must think carefully about what they are agitating for. This is true in the case of democracy in a world with an ever increasing population of stupid, lazy young people who have no consideration of what makes the world around them the way it is. The more one takes a look at democracy one sees it is as evil as other competing ideologies and makes one want to say kiram democracy.


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