Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Good riddance dick holbrooke

To say the least I am overjoyed to hear that this piece of human shit
who has caused suffering for me personally and for millions got his, I
am only sad I did not whack this fucker myself. Not only was he
responsible for the legal problems I experienced at brown and the watson
institute by falsely claiming I was menacing him and giving the brown
pigs permission to use his third floor office as a stakeout point
against me, not to mention taking my writings from Chapter 8 of my first
book and twisting my material to cause problems in Iran, Afghanistan,and
Pakistan, he also created conflict in Easterm Europe,in short caused
suffering to people in lands my father's family comes from. My
condolonces go to Jovanka Tito, Mira Markovic, and those in Eastern
Europe and Western and Central Asia and throughout the World, even in
america, who felt his menaced in the name of peace for america,and I
must thank Chris Lydon for tipping me off in the summer of 2008 that
holbrooke was the evil genius responsible for my legal hell year in
2008. The World would have been better off had he never been born, and
I hope he rests in pieces in hell.
Also notice 2 other odd coincidences,there is no definitive biography of dick holbrooke,and his aorta rupture which lead to his death happened within hours of my posting a video message aimed at himand others on youtube. Coincidence?

In Memoriam: Richard Holbrooke, Peace Negotiato

December 14, 2010 Ambassador Richard Holbrooke is being remembered at
Brown and around the world today for his wide-ranging diplomatic
achievements, following his death yesterday at the age of 69. University
President Ruth Simmons issued a statement last night mourning the loss
of a man who was a commanding figure on the world stage but also an
engaged member of the Brown community, as a graduate of the
University’s class of ’62, former editor of the Brown Daily Herald,
honorary Brown doctor of law, former member of the Watson Institute’s
board of overseers, and most recently, Brown professor at large based at
the Institute.

While a professor here, prior to assuming the role of US special envoy
to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Holbrooke focused his attention on students
– holding study groups on such subjects as “Secrets of Diplomatic
Styles” and urging students to get involved in the world around them.
“You’ve got to get engaged and you mustn’t despair,” he said in
a major lecture on campus in October 2007. “It’s your opportunity to
participate and I urge you to do so.”

He also contributed his singular insight in collaboration with faculty
members on such research activities as the Human Terrain documentary on
US military strategy in Afghanistan and Iraq and on the book project for
Blue Helmets, Black Markets: The Business of Survival in the Siege of

Holbrooke, who is most recognized as the chief architect of the 1995
Dayton peace agreement that ended the war in Bosnia, “lived a life of
courage, usefulness and reputation,” President Simmons said. “Though
we will miss his presence and determination, his legacy will endure,
inspiring generations to strive for peace.”


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