Tuesday, December 28, 2010

More oddness around Zendran impersonation

Recently marjan/persia dicided to take things further with her site. That is that she decided to leave only selected comments up and switch to wordpress for all other comments. However, when you try to log in with your wordpress account it does not let you log on with your wordpress acount. Either she knows shit about the web or is up to her headfucking again.
Speaking of comments I'm suprised she's avoided my public page on facebook after I posted that video of my State Quarter collection, I guess she's afraid to see what a real loser she is when it comes to real cash. Or to follow that video to the youtube video message I made which gave dick holbrooke his fatal heart attack, removing the scourge which menaced Iran and who came up with the idea of sparking the green movement so america could control Iran's opposition movement.
What a divoneh jendeh-e-yahudamrika.


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