Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Iran- wiki-media/leak connection NOT being reported

With all the fuss over wikileaks being reported people are forgetting
several important facts about wikimedia/leaks, and also how wikimedia
has been biased against Iran. Last night I got the niac newsletter
discussing wikileaks, however they ignored several important facts.
The first and most important is that wikimedia, be it wikipedia,
wikimapia, or wikileaks, is run by a cabal of some 400 people who are
connected largely by the internet. They are the ones who approve what
is said on wikimedia, whether it is true or not. If you doubt this go
to the discussion board on wikimapia and see how wikimapia created a n
korakine mentions this himself. Below are several excellent examples of
1. Go to wikimapia and go to Bandar Abbas Navy base. There you will
see that the people who run wikimedia/mapia repeatedly edited it as
"main raghead navy base" and that the main dispute on wikimapia began
when a person who had served in the australian navy put up false
information about the Iranian Navy, even disputing the fact that the
Sahand was raised despite the fact one could clearly see the remnants of
the hull of the Sahand in Bandar Abbas drydock. That person made a
slipup when he leaked the adelaide incident, where the australian FFG
adelaide was detained for several hours by Iranian PT Craft near Bandar
Abbas, and the australian navy confirmed this shortly thereafter and
soon decomissioned the adelaide. The e-mail of that individual is and he continues to put out false and racist info
about Iran on wikimedia.
2. Check the wikipedia article for Princess Leila. Not only does it
repeatedly put out false info about her life, saying she graduated from
brown university when she in fact dropped out of there in 1991 after
being hazed, it wiwll not allow facts and evidence to be posted about
her murder on wikimedia/pedia, and anyone who tries to correct that
article by showing evidence her death was murder has their work undone.
Furthermore, the editors at wikimedia/pedia will NOT meet with anyone in
person to se any evidence supporting those who say Princess Leila was
murdered, as they do repeatedly with others they do not like and
Just go to wikimedia and see for yourself how Iran is slandered there,
you will find plenty of evidence.


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I’m glad that after surfing the web for uch a long time I have found out this information.I’m really lucky.

Sofia Sepols

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