Saturday, December 18, 2010

More online oddness

Recently I noticed on wednesday through friday major oddness on facebook. Currently I have been working on a project there on naval satellite imaging, which tuesday night revieved support from members of the us military. From wednesday to friday I experienced trouble on my facebook account when uploading images or editing that page, but not since then. During those days someone linked up to me there who uses the name persia pele, real name marjan faritous of santa clara, got it in her head to pull another of her crazy acts, this time directing it at me by bragging she was a cia snitch. Since friday I have blocked that jendeh-e-amrika from my sites, as this kind of behavior in this day and age is inexcusable, and certainly not coincidental. It certainly is not coincidence that this occured imeadeatly after my celebrating dick holbrooke's death and the stuxnet virus being stopped. As we say where I live you join the snitches you get stiches.
Peter Z


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