Friday, August 16, 2013

Catching shit u making trouble again

Last night I caught brown's vice president for administration walter hunter stalking me as he has done before.  This time I managed to take 2 pics of him in the act.  Below is one of him standing
Below is one of him sitting
This would not be important for the fact that walter hunter does NOT keep any photos of himself on brown university's website or anywhere else.  The reason in he is a former street person who has used his experience as a homeless person to stalk individuals, and he is afraid of being recognized from people who knew him from when he was homeless.  I used to see him at the cathedral of st. john in providence geting meals there on tuesdays when I worked there during the 1990's.  He has also trespassed many people from brown simply because they knew him when he was homeless.
Interesting enough minutes before my encounter with walter last night I saw shit u deputy pig chief shanley off duty with one of his relatives.  Coincidence my ass.


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