Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Iran's new president; Talab mullah e america

This year saw the election of someone as president of Iran who serves the interests of the mullahs and the american government.    Few people realize that many Iranians who were running or planning to run for president were not only harassed inside Iran but outside of Iran as well, including in america, including some held as political prisoners, narrowing the choice of candidate.

The choice of rowhani is an interesting one.  Here is a man who changed his last name to play up to Soltani Talab by implying relation to Sephabod Medhi Rouhani.  He played up to followers of mousavi and those affiliated with the green movement with his purple movement campaign, which he knew would please many in america’s government.  And he used his past as head of Iran’s nuclear program to play up to the mullahs.

In short rowhani is a man who will say and do anything to get what he wants like the majority of crooked politicians around the World, and someone who, like the mullahs, must be removed from power.


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