Tuesday, August 06, 2013

PRESS RELEASE; Zendran Iranian/Zoroastrian political prisoner

As many are aware I smashed up the haunakah/holiday display at providence city hall on December 9, 2012.  My act was done in retaliation for numerous violations of my rights as a Zoroastrian I have experienced from the providence police department over the past decade, and the numerous instances of harassment I and other Iranians have experienced in RI, namely providence.  As the details of those incidents have been publicized I shall not go into them here at length.  If any of you forget check US District Court RI case 04-455ML, First Circuit Court case 05-2660, and US Supreme Court case 06-6438.  However lest you think I am crazy let me elucidate the facts at the root of this harassment the city of providence and the state of ri has been doing.
In 2003 with the new governor of ri and mayor of providence the problems began.  The new administration in providence banned clergy from ministering to people being held in providence police holding cells no matter their faith.  The new administration in RI offended the Iranian community by recognizing No Ruz as solely a Kurdish holiday, and in appointing a t wall as head of the ridoc put someone in who criminalized Zoroastrians and others who use fire in their worship, among other things to violate the rights of people in RI prisons.  Seeing as RI was founded on religious freedom this should never have been tolerated, however those in power in RI not only tolerate it new leaders in the state of RI and city of providence do nothing to correct this problem and allow it to flourish.
As usual this behavior by people in RI government is glossed over by the local media, which not only ignore this but gloss over the facts.  They ignore the fact that nobody in the crowd made any move to stop or chase me.  Or that the firefighters who chased me were people whose lives I saved in January 2010.  Or the fact that I had been recovering from major surgery in September 2012 during which I experienced complications which was brought up in district court.  Or how judge brian stern had been stalking me online for three years and allowed the prosecutor to lie in court and target me because I am Iranian and Zoroastrian. 
Then again seeing how the providence journal has never been able to correctly report on Zoroastrian holidays, let alone Iranian affairs, that phil and jorge are too busy masturbating to the adult section in the phoenix, that steve ahlquhist couldn’t run a business right, as his business went under once I was no longer a patron, mark schieldrop still being a little troublemaker like the time I lost a 1972 Roberto Clemente baseball card in Mrs. Barrus class because of him it does not surprise me that the propaganda rags in RI and the region can’t report on news.  They never go into how a zionist jew mayor of providence and a zionist jew police chief of providence are responsible for increase of human rights violations in providence.  Or how RI doc director a t wall, a descendant of the founder of christian science, continues to discriminate against inmates because of their religious background and because of health problems.  Or how lincoln chafee backs j street despite the complaints of his Hashemite relatives.  Nor do the fact that Native Americans, Wiccans, and other religious minorities continue to be discriminated against in RI, particularly in prison and in providence.
Or is the local media afraid to admit that providence city hall got vandalized by me when I was recovering from surgery and nothing was done to stop me.  After all crime has gone up since my actions and people in providence are less afraid to take harassment from cops and crooked government officials who they have been fed up with for too long.  The just us system in RI is crumbling and it can no longer be concealed, and people are acting.  Besides, why should we respect the rights of people in government who victimize them when they continue to carelessly violate our rights?  After all when Iranians and Zoroastrians get harassed by people in government nobody cares, but when jews and christians get a taste of their own medicine people whine about discrimination.
Know that by these acts of discrimination the state of RI and city of providence are forever condemned by God for targeting people because of their faith.


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