Monday, August 26, 2013

Zendran-Tsarnayev connection

People who still think that my actions at providence city hall on December 9, 2012 and the Tsarnayev brother’s raid in the greater boston area during April 2013 need look no further than that quote of mine Dzhokar Tsarnayev used when he tagged up that boat in Watertown, which in fact was a quote the providence pigs and media twisted around.  Even if nobody had zeroed in on that quote of mine all one would have had to done was to look at the lives of the Tsarnayev brothers and see that at least we moved in the same circles.
            One can start by spending time in Watertown and Cambridge.  Contrary to what people think the Tsarnayev’s were not looking to attack anybody in Watertown, the shootout only occurred when cornered by the police.  Watertown has a large concentration of Central and western Asian people, and the Tsarnayev’s did not want to attack them, they were looking to lay low amongst friends.  Dzhokar made those comments in the boat thinking he was among his own countrymen, however if one walks through Watertown it looks like any American suburb, as most Central and Western Asians do not want to draw attention to themselves.
            One also needs to take a look around Cambridge, notably Central and Harvard squares, as well as the colleges.  Few realize that I and the Tsarnayev’s frequented Seven Stars and Revolution books, and we attended many public events at MIT.  The Tsarnayev’s were also hanging around Cambridge and Watertown on September 27, 2012 when I had been attacked three hours after being discharged from a clinic in Stoneham after having a lifesaving operation performed, and saw that the Cambridge Police had to assist me in getting to Harvard square and from there to Watertown, as the sedatives used in my operation made it too difficult for me to function.  Then again, the same people who do not know about these places also do not understand the resonance my name carries in those aforementioned areas, let alone what the names Amer Jubran, Lana Habash, Jaoudat Abouazza, Joe Buchanan, Dave Pike mean in those areas.  This is important to realize as it explains why the Tsarnayev,s made their target choices.
            Notice that they attacked officer Collins at the MIT Stata center.  Notice also the overwhelming number of people that the MIT police have arrested at the Stata center, a popular landmark promoted by tourist magazines, for doing nothing more than walking in the door or simply to use the bathroom.  Notice also how MIT has cracked down on events which present Central and Western Asians in a positive perspective, which the Tsarnayev’s understood.  Their attack at the Stata center wasn’t random, they saw it as social justice.  Additionally, they did their attack on officer collins on the five year anniversary of my fatally injuring brown university police sgt. robert enos in a fistfight, an event which many in the Central and Western Asian community, and the academic community of the greater boston area, were aware of.
            Consider also that Tamerlan was spending a lot of time in Washington county RI, a part of the country I had grown up in and where I am well known.  Tamerlan was doing more than spending time with his wife’s associates, as Washington county RI has the highest percentage of combat veterans per population in America, and is the perfect place for someone looking to develop combat skills and conditioning unnoticed by any government surveillance agency, and anyone can ask members of the military and the first responders in Washington county RI about some of my exercises which some of them use in their training.  Additionally the Chief of the campus police at UMASS Dartmouth where Dzhokar was a student had known me when he was Executive officer and Chief of the brown university police, including the October 2004 protest I did with Neturei Karta against Mort Klein, and a February 2005 anti-racist protest I helped some Palestinian students organize.
            As for their bombing the boston marathon consider the event and the date.  The largest menace to the Central and Western Asian community in the greater boston area comes from road runners and their kind, ie joggers, bicyclists, skateboarders as many Central and Western Asians, as well as the majority of people in the greater boston area, and the Tsarnayev brothers are aware of this, including the September 27 2012 incident already mentioned.   Notice also the boston marathon occurs on the Patriot’s day holiday, and that I and other Central and Western Asians were in prison on No Ruz, a holiday which is not properly recognized in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.  Once one looks at the facts I have mentioned here it will clarify why they did what they did.


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