Friday, June 06, 2014

Russian/French Carrrier deal continues

What they forget to mention is that Russia is building their halves of
these ships faster than the french can, as this satellite image from my
project linked up below of the stern section of the RFS Vladivostok
complete in Sankt Peterburg shows
The Russian military/industrial complex has no shortage of workers who
can build warships as fast, even faster, than their nato counterparts. 
This deal has given these workers the knowledge to build an Amphibious
Assault Carrier, and to handle building an Supercarrier.
Also if France were to sell these ships, as they do not have the money
to incorporate them into their navy, they would be purchased by an ally
of Russia, and Russia could easily acquire them secondhand.
Peter Z
 6 June 2014 Last updated at 03:54 ET
France defends sale of Mistral assault ships to Russia

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius has confirmed the controversial
sale of two warships to Russia will go ahead, saying many jobs are at

"The contracts were agreed in 2011, they represent many jobs and they
will be carried out," he said in a tweet.

US President Barack Obama has said he is concerned about the sale, in
light of the crisis in Ukraine.

Both he and Russian President Vladimir Putin are due to attend D-Day
events in France later on Friday.

French President Francois Hollande has come under sustained pressure
from European allies over the Mistral-class helicopter carriers, which
are set to be delivered to the Black Sea ports in Crimea, annexed by
Russia in March.

The first carrier in the 1.2bn euro (£1bn; $1.6bn) deal is due for
delivery this year.

Mr Obama said while he recognised it was a big deal and important for
French jobs, "I think it would have been preferable to press the pause

Pro-Ukrainian bloggers reacted with anger to the tweet by Mr Fabius.

"Life/blood of non-compatriots are cheap," wrote one on Twitter, while
another remarked "so French jobs more important than Ukrainian lives".


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