Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Peter Khan's interview with Barry Chamish about Princess Leila's murder

Listen to me talk about the murder of شاهزاده خانم لیلا/Shahdokt Leila/H.I.H Princess Leila with Barry Chamish, as well as about Russia's carrier program
I did not have enough time to elaborate on more suspicious details of her death.  That included how dr. klein waited 15 minutes to report her death after entering her hotel room, when if she was dead or dying he should have immediately called for assistance.  I also did not have time to describe how she never stole drugs during her lifetime, nor was she under investigation by any law enforcement agency for stealing or trafficking of drugs.  Or that no member of her d=family attempted to have her detoxed from the drugs she was on.
Additionally I did not have time to elaborate on the fact my modar bozorg helped the Pahlavis find a place to live in Greenwich, as I knew Leila and the family as a small child, and that the Pahlavis never owned property in Greenwich, always living on the largesse of others there, while Peter I and his family owned property in the Glenville secton of Grenwich from the 1960's-1980's.  It was an article I collaborated on with David Icke in late 2000, including how Mohammed Reza Shah was murdered by his doctors in July 1980 in Cairo, which helped me and Leila reconnect. Between January-June 2001 Icke's website was repeatedly hacked before the article could be published, so I e-mailed the text on June 7, 2001 to several of Icke's contacts, including the person Leila was with who helped me and her reconnect, and who informed me of her proposal and that she was traveling to the Northeast US to meet with me.  I have to intentionally withhold this person's name as this person also has passed me info on how Malekeye Soraya and Bijan Bakhtiari were murdered in Paris during October 2001, among other pieces of information.  Additionally if anyone thinks a lawsuit to prevent the film or to claim damages is unsuccessful they should check the case of Yusupov vs. MGM, in which Knyaz Felix Yusupov successfully sued MGM for false information.


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