Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Zendran inheritance/fortune case; MAJOR update

Earlier today in RI Superior Court Judge Brian Van Couyghen granted permission for me to proceed against washington trust company, the bank which embezzled my family's fortune in the 1990's.
The clerks of the RI Superior Court had trouble understanding the nature of the filing, however once I produced the criminal cases related to this matter back in 2006-7, namely State of RI v. Zendran and City of Providence v. Zendran, all of which resulted in my being found Not Guilty as a result of my Pro Se action, RI Superior Court Judges Pfeiffer and Keough, and Providence Municipal Court Judge Graziano ruled that the washington trust company had been profiting at my expense and needed to negotiate with me.  Since this ruling on February 14, 2007 the washington trust company has not complied.  Additionally, the RI State police finance crimes unit has refused to investigate the matter when it was brought to their attention in 2009. 
Over the past five years Providence Municipal Court Judge Graziano and I had been working on how to best proceed against the washington trust company, and as the washington trust company and the law firm responsible for executing the trust, lenihan law of 6 Canal St. Westerly, RI have refused to negotiate and have stonewalled efforts at negotiations, Judge Graziano and I had decided on filing in RI Superior Court.
Additionally, the washington trust company has expanded, including putting a branch in Stamford, CT, where my family members they embezzled money from had extensive business dealings, and members of the washington trust company have been stalking me at events sponsored by the Greater Westerly=Pawcatuck Chamber of Commerce when I am on the guestlist for those events.
If the washington trust company does not negotiate civilly they will have to face criminal action.


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