Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Major mistakes in planned Princess Leila movie script

Recently Sharon avrahami has announced plans to make a movie about Princess Leila of Iran.
The storyline he plans to use is based on the incorrect wikipedia version which they refuse to correct.
In the avrahami/wiki story here are the following mistakes.
They say that Leila was nine when the Imperial family was exiled from Iran and HIM Mohammed Reza Shah died of Lymphoma, when in fact she was eight, and the doctors who operated on him in Cairo were responsible for his death by rupturing his liver.
They say she graduated from brown university in 1992, when in fact she was hazed out of brown as many of the faculty, students, and people in providence rhode island thought she was a mental patient, brown simply refers to her as class of 1992 despitte the fact she never graduated.  Additionally avrahami/wiki is unable to name any of her professors, nor have they tried to contact Vartan Gregorian, who was president of brown when Leila was a student there.  Also in her memoirs Farah deliberately does not mention where Leila went to school.
Most importantly avrahami/wiki report Leila’s death in the following way;
“On Sunday 10 June 2001, Leila was found dead in her room in the Leonard Hotel by her doctor. The princess was found to have more than five times the lethal dose of Seconal, a barbiturate, which is used to treat insomnia, in her system, along with a nonlethal amount of cocaine. The princess was found in bed, her body emaciated by years of anorexia, bulimia and food intolerances. According to a report on her death, which included information from an autopsy conducted by the Westminster Coroner's Court, she stole the Seconal from her doctor's desk during an appointment and was addicted to the drug, typically taking 40 pills at once, rather than the prescribed two.”
The truth was that Leila was that dr. lewis klein was sent by Shahbanou Farah to check on Leila, after Leila had told Farah she did not want to see her and left instructions to the hotel management not to let anybody in to her room.  Fifteen minutes after entering Leila’s room dr. klein reported to Farah that he found Leila dead, which is clearly stated in Farah’s memoirs. 
Leila was found with the phone cord wrapped around her neck, and the story of her overdosing on drugs was a revision to conceal the true nature of her death.  Additionally had she had the drugs in her body reported she never would have survived the flight from Paris to London she made on June 8, 2001.  Also no police force of investigative agency had any files or investigation going into Leila stealing drugs when she was alive.
Additionally avrahami and his team only have an e-mail address and several social media sites for contact information, but no physical address or phone number.  Perhaps they are afraid of a lawsuit because of their script, which they certainly deserve.


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