Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dishing the dirt on RI’s governor and providence mayor candidates

Never in the history of RI have so many despicable people lined up to get elected to high office.  This is particularly true in the race for governor and mayor of providence.
            In the race for governor none of the candidates can truly be above reproach.  Let’s start with that spick statistic taveras.  This is a person who used thug tactics to get elected, continued the failed policies of his predecessor, namely in allowing the police to run amok and continue to harass people, only pays token visits to people in poor neighborhoods while simply repeating that things are getting better.  If things were better why does providence have three times the homeless population of Boston, the unemployment rate stil growing, and no real explanation for his opponent clay pell getting carjacked in front of his house near brown university.
Then again his opponents are little better, as clay pell is a classist who has his grandfather’s name and a famous wife to get him publicity, and in the case of the latter he is not honest about how they met, as I had dinner with them at the hope club on April 2, 2009.  With little gina raimondo despite her work in stabilizing RI’s budget during her tenure on the board of directors of crossroads in providence she did nothing to reform that organization, which is composed of social workers who keep people homeless in order to bring in funding.  And one thing all three have in common is no real plan to fix RI’s problems.
            With the republican candidates while fung says he has kept Cranston in decent shape he can’t explain why he has not created jobs for the homeless who hang out in public facilities in that city, and many city employees resent him.  While block has the best understanding of the issues he does not clarify what he means by separation of church and state, mainly because non-christians continue to be discriminated against in RI’s just us system.
            In the race for providence mayor the only real candidates are Buddy Cianci and Chris Young, the former who continues to be bashed for his criminal record, the latter who gets no media coverage because of his Christian rants and hard spoken attitude.  The truth is no matter who becomes mayor of providence the city is so gutted the winner loses either way.
Definitely time for a revolution in RI, a REAL one.


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