Saturday, July 26, 2014

Disturbing watson/shit u update

I just learned that dick locke has been allowed to go another year as director of the watson institute
Even more suspicious is the fact that he is still listed as mit's head of political science even though he is no longer mit faculty
This is a deviation from the normal procedure of allowing only one year for directors since stallings stepped down, so there is some nwo/elitist activity.  Then again one can always go to his place at 542 Mount Auburn St. in Watertown if one has any concerns about his intentions and behaviors.  After all, he is the ones who wants Iranians arrested for showing up at watson institute events simply because they disagree with someone.
I am even posting the text from those websites, in case they try to pull these pages to cover their tracks.

Richard M. Locke is the Howard R. Swearer Director of the Watson Institute for International Studies and a professor of political science.
Locke's current research is focused on improving labor and environmental conditions in global supply chains. Working with leading firms like Nike, Coca Cola, Apple, and HP, Locke and his students have been showing how corporate profitability and sustainable business practices can be reconciled. Locke has published five books – most recently The Promise & Limits of Private Power, Cambridge University Press (2013), based on his research on labor standards in global supply chains; Production in the Innovation Economy, with Rachel Wellhausen, The MIT Press (2013); Working in America with Paul Osterman, Thomas Kochan, and Michael Piore, The MIT Press (2001); Employment Relations in a Changing World Economy with Thomas Kochan, Michael Piore, The MIT Press (1995); and Remaking the Italian Economy, Cornell University Press (1995), as well as numerous articles on economic development, labor relations, and corporate responsibility.
At Brown, Locke teaches graduate and undergraduate courses on the political economy of labor and development as well as on global entrepreneurship. Locke was named a 2005 Faculty Pioneer in Academic Leadership by The Aspen Institute and awarded the MIT Class of 1960 Teaching Innovation Award in 2007 and the Jamieson Prize for Excellence in Teaching in June 2008. He currently chairs the Apple Academic Advisory Board, a group of independent academics who are working with Apple to improve labor conditions among the company's suppliers.
Executive Assistant
Karie Fisher
+1 401 863 3596

Deputy Dean
Head of Political Science
Class of 1922 Professor of Political Science
Professor of Management

Richard Locke has been a consistent voice for integrating social and economic concerns into curriculum and research. His teaching case on Nike’s response to NGO pressures to address labor standards of Nike contractors was selected for teaching at MIT Sloan’s 50th Anniversary Convocation. His work has also had an impact on Nike’s business practices, helping the company to integrate reporting and auditing labor conditions with its quality improvement efforts. Locke was named a 2005 Faculty Pioneer in Academic Leadership by The Aspen Institute.
Locke, along with MIT Sloan colleagues, spearheaded the development of the Laboratory for Sustainable Business (S-Lab). This course seeks to provide students with in-depth knowledge of the various sustainability issues society faces today; a set of analytical tools and frameworks that will help them understand and analyze as well as impact these issues; and experience working with a firm or organization currently developing new business models—or reforming existing ones—in line with sustainable development. Locke also pioneered the popular Global Entrepreneurship Laboratory, a course that teaches students about entrepreneurship in developing countries by placing them in internships with startups in an array of companies in various emerging markets. As a result of this work, Locke was awarded the MIT Class of 1960 Teaching Innovation Award in 2007 and the Jamieson Prize for Excellence in Teaching in June 2008. Locke is currently working on several projects related to globalization and labor standards.
Locke is faculty director of the MIT Sloan Fellows Program, a mid-career executive education program at the Sloan School of Management. In addition to MIT, Locke has taught at the Università Degli Studi Ca’Foscari di Venezia; the Georg-August Universität Göttingen, Oxford University, and the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. At MIT, Locke teaches in both the Sloan School of Management and in the Department of Political Science.
His publications include Remaking the Italian Economy (Cornell University Press, 1995, 1997); with Thomas Kochan and Michael Piore, Employment Relations in a Changing World Economy (MIT Press, 1995)., and with Paul Osterman, Thomas Kochan and Michael Piore, Working in America(MIT Press, 2001). He has also published numerous articles in Politics & Society, Industrial and Labor Relations Review, European Journal of Industrial Relations, andStato E Mercato.
MIT Sloan > Faculty & Research > Richard M. Locke


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