Thursday, July 10, 2014

Regarding Iran and nuclear weapons

There are many flaws in this video by bret stephens. he forgets that only america and israel have used nuclear weapons. He forgets that since 1942 america has acted aggressively towards Iran, be it price gouging during WWII, encouraging HIM Mohammed Reza Shah to create savak, the Rex Cinema fire, and backing khomeini at Guadeloupe on January 4, 1979 and the huyser mission in January 1979, and the ensuing chaos which Iran has experienced since.
He ignores the atrocities committed by israel, which HIM Mohammed Reza Shah realized and which the moliahs and Iranian military are right to condemn, including the murder of Iranians, and that israel exists only because of foreign, largely american subsidies. He also ignores the saudi human rights violations in the name of wahabi Islam, while bashing Iran's mollahs, and has next to no industry, dependent on foreign imports which it purchases with it's Oil revenues
He even ignores Iran's military capabilities, including that Iran already has ICBM's and has launched satellites into outer space.
I say bomb honky pigs like bret stephens and those who menace Iran instead.


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