Wednesday, November 05, 2014

How vincent cianci turned out to be nobody's buddy

Having supported vincent "buddy" cianci I expected to be welcome after his post-election party. The reception I recieved there was anything but welcoming.
First, providence sgt. kevin lynch said there was a dress code, namely jackets, and ties required, and I decided to wait for the next bus leaving the area. However, I noticed some drunk homeless panhandlers who hang out in downtown providence ...being allowed in and others who did not conform to the dress code, were allowed in. Additionally, a providence pig who was wearing a coat to conceal his badge, told the the other two ppd members on detail out there, badge numbers #207 and #363, about my knowing the Tsarnayev brothers and falsely claimed I made threats against cops, and once he left they identified him as william dickie, who had robbed me of my cell phone, Iranian flag pin, and money during a stop on May 2, 2014 on a crank complaint. When I asked to speak to sgt. lynch again those two threatened to taser me if I did not leave. Seconds later the bus arrived, and I took it to cianci's campaign hq. I explained what happened, but they would not clarify if providence was acting on orders from cianci or their own initiative.
Here vincent cianci has shown that he truly is nobody's buddy, and the World would be better off without him.
 Lest anyone think my support for vincent cianci was only recent consider the following.
 In 1999 While Treasurer and Finance Chair of MHCA-RI, a subsidiary of RI-MHRH, I worked with his office to put together the first fundraisers the organization ever had in providence
 In 2002 I published on David Icke’s site “Operation Plunder Dome; A loss for the people of Providence” decrying the true nature of the convictions of cianci and others in June 2002.
 In June 2007 at the urging of Walter Miller I was the one who notified cianci about how his cousin David Baccarie had been thrown out of his 6th floor apartment window in providence the day cianci was released from federal prison. Not only did I let David Baccarie’s family in to his apartment to show how he did not commit suicide but was thrown and died of lack of proper response time. This was confirmed by colleagues of mine at MIT, Harvard, and Boston College I met before I went to XV Beacon, who all said neither the fall or impact killed David Baccarie.
 Additionally in February 2008 cianci cussed out dean esserman on his radio show hours after Leslie Yeransian got me on video making esserman run at a protest in downtown providence and aired it on NBC10 news.
 In 2010 when they had the mayor’s debate at the Regency Apartments in providence cianci gave positive coverage to how I acted in defense of candidates when members of the audience acted out.
 In 2012 when I smashed up providence city hall cianci did not air that story on his show.
Additionally, I warned about how the providence pigs would screw him over, and of people like jewelry Nazi carolann rafellian who would harm him by closely associating himself with them.  Yet he ignored me and paid the price.
 Hardly the actions of some flash in the pan supporter.


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