Sunday, November 23, 2014

Big dirt on little gina raimondo

Few people in rhode island realize they have elected a governor who wants to make a profit at the expense of anyone and who will do anything to make a dollar.
When little gina became RI General Treasurer she was simply a board member of crossroads, formerly known as travellers aid, an organization which claims to help homeless people get their lives together, ie find housing, work, medical treatment, usw.  Instead crossroads has case workers and staff which keep people homeless by promising their clients to get them those very things simply so those people will keep returning to crossroads, so that crossroads will get federal funding, which is based on the number of people who visit crossroads, instead of on successes by crossroads staff which many homeless people have complained about for years.  Now she is one of the vice chairs of crossroads
Notice her fellow vice chair is washington trust president ed handy, the head of an organization which makes profits by stealing people's assets and which has kept people poor, something people in Washington County RI other than the people at the warm shelter can tell you about, and who's corporation I got in trouble for not paying money from my trust fund, as washington trust has admitted my trust was looted, and now try to claim my family had no assets there despite my having a hard copy of the trust document from 1992 with the signature of washington trust's vice president on it.
Another board member there is snotball seth magaziner, the elitist who used dirty tricks to become RI's new General Treasurer.  Also crossroads is located one block away from the law firm of donna nesselbush, a RI  state senator who intimidated RI into legalizing gay marriage weeks after I was incarcerated for what I did to providence city hall knowing she would lack real opposition to her actions as her bill took effect the day I was released from jail, and lawyer who's services include charging high rates for people to begin receiving social security checks as does former RI state senator myrth york and her husband dave green do.  If one doubts donna nesselbush's support of little gina check the picture below
You can see her in white on the left of little gina, I bet she wants to do more than nessle in her bush.


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