Sunday, March 13, 2011

Did lincoln chafee rig the election?

Last year I expounded on why Frank Caprio lost the RI Governor’s race. In doing so I went over one key factor, election rigging. Of all his opponents one of them had the means to do this, lincoln chafee.

In looking at the election results two glaring inconsistencies stick out tho those who are in the state. The first is that Caprio lost his home precinct in providence’s federal hill neighborhood, the second was that lincoln chafee got a similar amount of votes in Newport as the democrat candidate for Congress in that district. While to an outsider this may seem normal all one has to do is talk to someone who lives and works in those neighborhoods it would sem ridiculous. In the first case Caprio is immensly popular in federal hill, and in newport the democratic candidate is immensly hated. If this is the case then it gives credence that rigging may have been involved.

While chafee may have been independent of political parties he was not independent of money, and during the time he was at the watson institute he came under the influence of the same people who funded acorn, and I should not have to mention the role acorn has played in rigging elections since 2008, mainly through voter intimidation and packing polls with their people to help ensure an outcome to their liking. Consider how the democratic candidate in the race mentioned above was also backed by acorn, and that chafee backed the 2008 presidential candidate who acorn backed.

He also dealt with people who had experience rigging elections, including former Brazilian president cardoso. While at watson cardoso published in his memoirs, and in them he mentions how once he was elected president two of the first things he did was to make voting mandatory for every citizen, and to make all voting electronic, thus making it easier to manipulate an election, as there are no paper ballots, or people to count them. In addition there were people from special interest gropus, be they zionist, latino, lgbt, Marxist, and various other government backed provaceturs who would all owe chafee favors were he to become governor.

One can argue whether or not chafee rigged the election, the bottom line is that he had the means to rig the election, and the people he knew who could rig the election had every reason to put him in for their own benefit. While lincoln chafee may have won the race, by hook or crook, and may be the new governor of RI he did so at great cost to himself and others. In his campaign he appealed to conservatives who were loyal to his family and to liberals and other radicals who’s views he claimed to share. In doing this he helped hasten the split in the democratic party caused by acorn. In the long term by becoming the governor as he did lincoln chafee has set things up for future conflict with the people of RI, be it political or physical.


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