Sunday, March 13, 2011

From my Archiv, my July 2009 dialouge with reza pahlavi

I pulled this out of my Archiv, this is the exact copy of a myspace conversation I had with reza pahlavi in July 2009 which I also e-mailed to reza and Shahbanou farah.

* From: "Peter Khan Zendran"
* To:,
* Subject: My response to reza pahlavi staff on myspace
* Date: Sun, 26 Jul 2009 16:31:03 -0400

Man am Khan-e-Mazendaran and I do NOT appreciate ANYONE questioning my
heritage or my right to be involved in what is going on in Iran. Also I
have recieved a message that reza pahlavi has control over this page of
yours and that what is put up there is approved by him.
If there is any source of chaos in Iran is is thanks to actions by
people like reza pahlavi which I have detailed extensively. The "sea of
green" which has been quashed in Iran and is flickering out of Iran is
one which was created by cia mi6, cfr, and those who collaborate with
them and one that threatens Iran. The evil that is democracy was forced
on iran by inglisi e rusi to weaken Iran, and now amrika e zionism use
it to menace Iran further, and any Iranian who backs it is TRAITOR.
Peter II, Khan-e-Mazendaran

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: H.I.M. Prince Reza Pahlavi
To: Peter Khan
Date: Jul 26, 2009 10:39 AM
Subject: RE: Open letter to reza pahlavi

please leave iran and iranian people alone in their own ways ,you and
people like you just do a chaos and discord with your false idea and
words in between .now iranaian people need more to alliance and our
Prince who was exiled out by these people with his family from iran in
very bad form now is strongly back to help for freedom in iran ,he had
enough activity befor this as well ,his life is now in his hand , time
was not ready befor but iranian people now are awake.
and he forgot all those bad treat that iranians did with his family in
1979 and he is backed for us as he was with us all times, we appreciate
now all the good and bads in befor is passed away and we look to the
i ask you now in this period of time to help this green freedom activity
of iranian people as you can IF YOU ARE INTERESTED or leave us alone
,thank you.

"History will burden those leaders with blood guilt if they do not act
according to their professional and statesmanely principles and knowledge.
Their soldierly loyalty must end at the boundary where their knowledge,
conscience, and sense of responsibility forbid the execution of an order. In
case their advice and warnings fall on deaf ears in such circumstances, then
they have the right and the duty, before the people and history, to resign
their offices. If they all act together, then it will be impossible to carry
out military action. They will thereby saved the Fatherland from the worst,
from total ruin. If a soldier in a position of highest authority in such
times see his duties and tasks only within the limits of his military
responsibilities, without consciousness of his higher responsibility to the
whole people, then he shows a lack of greatness, a lack of comprehension of
responsibility. Extraordinary times demand extraordinary actions!"
Generaloberst Ludwig Beck

-- - Same, same, but different...


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