Saturday, March 05, 2011

Major blunder by niac on Iranian affairs

Recently the national Iranian American council has chosen to go along with calling for human rights monitoring in Iran, using the detention of mousavi and karroubi as a justification. For an organization that claims to represent and protect Iranians this is hypocrisy for.
1. It gives a justification for military/subversive action against Iran, like the kind that was successful in Egypt, what is going in Libya, Bahrain, and Yemen, and what failed in Jordan.
2. Both mousavi and karroubi were responsible for the worst human rights violations that were committed when they served in the Iranian government under khomeini, and have connections with the cia, and were both to be put in power Iran would go the way of Iraq and Yugoslavia. What people also forget is that Malaysia has done the same thing with politicians who have threatened the safety of people, and risk condemnation to gain safety.
If anyone believes that niac is acting in the name of human rights then they believe in the tooth fairy.


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