Monday, November 17, 2014

Major new Russian Carrier development

I recently obtained this. The size and configuration of this ship under construction in Sankt Peterburg are similar to that of the Amphibious Assault Carriers built jointly with France
If this is so this means Russia is proceeding to acquire Amphibious Assault Carriers without outside assistance, and the french program was to give the workers training in how to build these ships in Russia.  It also means Russia is preparing for the contingency of losing the two Carriers in france and will proceed on their own.  Despite the fact that france and nato can't incorporate those Carriers into their forces, the only foreign country america will accept a French sale of those Carriers to is Canada, as India and Brazil will turn those ships over to Russia, and South Africa and Sweden lack the drydock facilities to handle those ships.
Right now the only shipyards in Russia which can build and drydock Fleet Carriers and larger are in Sankt Peterburg. Severodvinsk, and Murmansk/Kola Peninsula.  With Turkey beginning construction on their own Aircraft/Amphibious Assault Carrier in Pendik and the two australian Aircraft/Amphibious Assault Carriers becoming operational, Russia needs those type of ships.


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