Sunday, November 23, 2014

Major new Warship for Algeria, Africa, and Arabs

At present this ship is still undergoing sea trials and has yet to be handed over to Algeria, however it's configuration is essentially a smaller version of the French Mistral-140 and Singapore's Endurance-160 Carriers, though it's flight deck is 50 feet too short to launch fighter jets it can deploy 6 attack helicopters like it's Italian San Giorgio class counterparts
Upon delivery to Algeria this will be the most combat capable warship in Algeria but in Africa, though Nigeria and Morocco each have one DDG each, the NNS Aradu and Mohammed VI respectfully, which are more powerful than any surface combatant Algeria has, and the most combat capable Warship in the Arab World.  It will also bring the Algerian navy to be the fourth most powerful in the Muslim World, behind Iran, Indonesia, and Turkey, and equal to Morocco, Pakistan, and Malaysia.


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