Monday, November 10, 2014

More fallout from Peter Khan's un 2014 protest

On October 23 I left the annual meeting/125th anniversarry celebrations of Kensico Cemetery. The notable absence were the members of the mek/ncr Iran and members of the Association of Iranian-Americans in NY and NJ who declined my invitation to meet with them.
Not only did they miss a wonderful event, they showed they are nothing but ignorant suskimargi living in a dreamworld who only associate with their fellow marginalized malcontents.
Those particular Iranians owe whatever benefits they have to man Pedar Bozorg and his family, who were among the first Iranians to come to New York in 1924, and who made a major impact on the region.
On October 30 the trumped up charges brought against me in an vain attempt to prevent me from protesting rowhani at the un were dismissed.
In the dismissal the judge noted the complaint was baseless, and had I been stopped that day of the alleged incident no charges would probably have been filed.
And to top things off hasan al-sawaf, the provacetur backing anti-assad forces who has complained about my un protests, lost his electioon for RI state senate thanks to my efforts.
More proof I, one man, am making a difference.


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