Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Anti-Iranian incitement coming from american government

Now that it has been shown beyond doubt that the american government was
behind Mubarak's removal in Egypt they are trying to repeat what they
did in Iran in 2009. Only this time they are doing it more openly.
Recently clinton started a twitter feed which has been posting messages
inciting Iranians to acts of violence which will destabilize Iran and
make things worse and paving the way for conflict, be it with america,
israel, or a civil war. The link is below
Do not fall for the lies of clinton. Notice also who is being followed
on that twitter account, the very people clinton and the american
government are menacing.
Speaking of clinton she is appointing marc grossman to replace dick
holbrooke as envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan. Whether he will
continue dick's policies is uncertain, but this comes at a time when the
american government is working openly to destabilize Iran, which has
been keeping things in Afghanistan and Pakistan stable.
Speaking of inciters an individual who uses the alias shah mahi has been
sending out invitations and messages for people to act out against Iran
via facebook. This individual was at Prince Ali-Reza's Boston memorial
and had spread slander about me via Prince Ali-Reza's facebook page.
Here is that person's link
Right now I am securing info with select people because of individual.
I should not have to repeat that if things escelate in Iran, as well as
Jordan, Morocco, Bahrain, things will get worse fast.
Peter Khan Zendran


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