Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Odd censorship around Arab riots, facts few realize

Last night ny call to coasttocoastam was cut off during conversation. Clearly someone listening in did not want me disclosing facts about the riots that are not being reported. Those include how rami khoury told Egyptian students at brown in september 2005 that in order to improve things in Egypt they had to get rid of Mubarak, or how brown let one of the 2005 Egyptian presidential candidates speak there during the spring 2005 semester when the entire Middle east studies dpt was on sabbatical. Most people forget the interconnections brown's faculty has with goldman sucks and the cfr, as many faculty there serve with those organizations, or how those groups manipulate elections in america and around the world. In america most people are familiar withacorn thuggery, most don't realize that acron and brown helpped rig the 2010 RI governor's race for linc chafee and the congressional race for Patrick Kennedy's seat.
In the Arab World most are not aware that the cfr/goldman sucks has a beef with the hashemites of Jordan and Morocco. The brown cronies in the cfr/goldman sucks are mad at the Hashemites as King Abdullah II, Prince Hassan, and Queen Noor pulled their donations and involvement from brown in 2008, as they are sick of the exceses of the cfr/godman sucks crew. If any trouble is to come in Jordan on belhalf of the cfr/goldman sucks crew expect it from the al-toukan family.
Notice also that Morocco is in the process of an arms expansion, which the cfr sees as a potential threat to their aims, and bear in mind that every major regime change in the Muslim World that has occured has happened when one of those countries has become strong enough to defend itself.
Peter Khan Zendran


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