Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pete vs. dick; The Black Op duel over Iran which brought down holbrooke.

Few people realize that the riots in Iran in June 2009 and the green movement were, like most uprisings around the World, backed and orchestrated by people in america, namely dick holbrooke, the evil genius behind the breakup of Yugoslavia.
The rivalray with me and holbrooke began over Serbia’s elections, as I was instrumental in helping Kostunica get reelected in 2007. At the time I was involved in making Myspace a more respected tool which people, including World leaders, could use. When I connected with Kostunica via Myspace in 2006, he had been able to confirm that my grandfather’s godfather was King Petar I of Serbia and Yugoslavia. Kostunica and I also agreed on the issue of kosovo, that kosovo was an integral part of Serbia. On both issues dick holbrooke took personal issue with, the latter because it interfered with his designs on the region, and the former coming from the latter, for as part of his smear campaign against me he was one of the people who spread the rumor that I was a self-hating polish jew, when in fact he was the self-hating polish jew and that Kostunica was able to prove otherwise. This was to bring things to a head at the watson institute, where both he and I were involved.
On October 15, 2007 when holbrooke gave his lecture as part of the diractor’s lecture series on contemporary international affairs holbrooke stated that he was invovled in working to engineer plans for kosovo’s independence, and even discussed possible conflict with Iran over foreign interests. During the question and answer section I put him on the spot he responded evasively, and many in the audience shared my feelings, including suprisingly lincoln chafee, who was sitting a few rows in front of me in an unreserved seat and who left a few seconds after I did. Clearly, dick was annoyed by my actions, though he and I never acted out against each other while at watson.
After that holbrooke instituted a screening process for all who wanted to attend his talks at the watson institute, using the guise that he was busy working on hillary clinton’s campaign and wanted to prioritize his schedule, when in truth he was afraid of being upstaged. This he demonstrated on February 20, 2008 when ali allawi was giving his lecture at brown. As it turned out dick was sitting in the row in front of me and when he saw me he moved to the side. At that event I accused allawi of genocide and failing to help Iraq, and received an ovation from the crowd. Needless to say dick did not like that.
He would finally manifest his frustration against me by manipulating RI’s legal system. Knowing that I was in a legal dispute I was having with brown, holbrooke falsely told them I was menacing him, and allowed the bupd to use his office as an observation post. It was a member of the bupd using holbrooke office on April 17, 2008 who sounded the alarm when I went to the watson institute to discuss an event invitation I received after one of brown’s pigs claimed I was trespassed. As the details of that incident and subsuquent events, which culminated in my putting three members of the bupd in the hospital when retreving my property from the watson institute and being held until trial as my phone calls to people to bail me out were intercepted, being given a years probation for my actions, and my apeal being denied after I and my lawyer objected to my being held without bail as an appeal condition, which prevented me from presenting evidence in my own defense, are too well known I shall not go into them here. However as a result of his lies dick holbrooke succeeded in getting me court ordered off watson as a term of my probation. He had won that battle, but would lose the war in the long run.
After that incident dick holbrooke would use his position to intimidate people at watson into his line of thinking, and many of them went along with him as I was no longer there to defend them. He little realized that some people at watson still supported me and kept in touch with me via organizations outside of brown, and it was these people who kept me informed of activities there. Once clinton became secretary of state she took dick with her, though he retained the position of professor at large at brown, and took with him his council on foreign relations connections. In the cfr report he created on Afghanistan, pakistan, and Iran he used material from Chapter 8 of my book “victimization of the Farsi, Arab, Turanian, and Central and Western Asian Peoples”, the same book I raided watson and put three brown pigs in the hospital to retrieve on April 18, 2008. He would soon use his new position to become the new us special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan to meddle in Iranian affairs, including sneaking into Iran to meet with mir hossein mousavi and other dissidents, ie people who would soon be inciting the riots which broke out in Tehran after Ahmadinejad’s victory in the June 2009 presidential election, right up to the first week in June 2009.
What dick failed to realize is that I knew he was getting his material from my work and because of what I did on April 18, 2008 I had proof. In addition I had saved and memorized documents and incidents that had relevance to the situation and was able to disseminate it to show that the candidates the rioters/protesters were backing were in fact provaceturs of dick holbrooke. The people that saw this information included opposition groups allied with mousavi, and once they saw that if they joined the rioters/protesters they would be making things worse that is when the “green movement” began to crack. Along with the Iranian security forces who were able to keep order and Iran safe the fact that Iranians were able to see proof that mousavi and his supporters were being backed by the american government for nefarious purposes helped to act as the cop within to many Iranians.
Could Iran’s resistance won? That we will never know, for by collaborating with american government officals like dick holbroone they threw away their last, best chance for a win, and by doing so had become the very thing they opposed, bringing back memories of kermit roosevelt, schwarzkopf sr, huyser, and other americans who incited Iranians to a worse way of life. Not to mention people like saddam hussein, milosevic, etc. who america had becked then turned on, which was what most Iranians realized they would become if they joined the green movement, ie another controlled boogeyman to give the american military/industrial complex something to attack.
From that point on things went downhill for holbrooke in Central Asia. He had gambled on a win for mousavi to advance his agenda and crapped out. He realized that he could not improvise as he had done before and that he could not be trusted. Furthermore, his friends at brown/watson took a major loss in funding and patronage as they began to learn the details of what was really going on with brown/watson. Weakened in his work in Central Asia by the failure of his “green revolution” and weakened in his work at brown/watson his actions were like that of a plane on autopilot. When he suffered the heart problems that ultimately was the cause of his death those around the World he had wronged could breathe a sigh of releif. More than coincidentally his heart problems occurred after I posted a video message directed at some of his colleagues, some of who sent me harassing messages as a result. That he saw that message is probable, after all he was using my material, and his reported last words to end the war in Afghanistan were the confession of someone who knew he had been beaten, and knew who had beaten him.
Today as events unfold it is clear with dick holbrooke out of the picture that america is acting like a stumbling giant. Though I continue to have issues with his colleagues their behavior is like that of desperate creatures who know they no longer have holbrooke’s backing. With all his power and influence I was able to bring holbrooke down, and this is a lesson those around him forget at their risk.


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