Saturday, February 05, 2011

Ghatl e Ali-Reza; Taman shud Pahlavi

The death of Prince Ali-Reza on January 4, 2011 of a gunshot to the head under mysterious circumstances in Boston is one of great importance for Iran and World affairs. With the death of Ali-Reza the Pahlavi dynasty is effectively at an end, for reza Pahlavi has no proper heirs, and by this reza has demonstrated a complete neglect of duty and a pattern of disgraceful behavior which goes back to the 1980’s, and the handling of Ali-Reza’s death is the latest in this series of events.

Had the Pahlavi’s really cared about the death of Ali-Reza they would have made sure a thorough investigation was done into his death. Instead of making sure the Boston police did a thorough investigation of Ali-Reza’s death. Instead, they were quick to go along with reza Pahlavi’s lame excuse that his death was a suicide brought on by depression. It was the Iranian community in the Boston area, be they royalists or not, to notice that the Boston police did not do a proper investigation, that is not examining the neighbors, not checking for signs of forced entry, not handling the suicide note that was supposedly found and examining it properly, no proper ballistics test on the gun which supposedly killed Ali-Reza, in short doing everything to give cause to suspect his death was not a suicide. On top of it all reza Pahlavi chose to remain in Boston only for January 5, leaving that day and not attending any memorial services there for his brother or to meet with members of the Iranian community there who were effected by his loss.

As with any murder we must ask the question who benefits and who has benefitted. Certainly the Iranian community have not benefitted, that includes the mullahs. After all, as much as the mullahs were against Mohammed Reza Shah they as Muslims never would sanction any assassination that would create a topkill scenario for any family of their believers as this has done. Furthermore, there is an impending crisis over who would succeed ali khameni when he dies, and many mullahs are related to Iran’s royal families, and would be partial to a possible restoration, and as both reza and Farah have worked with the alavi foundation the mullahs have demonstrated they are not averse to Iran’s royals. This leads us to the Royalists. The same goes for Royalists, as many people forget that there are dozens of houses related to Iran’s royal dynasties, that despite their differences with the Pahlavi’s they would not want something like this to happen. The only benefit for royalists is that now Iran’s other royal houses will come into prominence as it is clear the Pahlavi’s are no longer in charge of Iran’s royalists.

This leads to the question who would want Ali-Reza dead. Clearly someone who wants to harm Iran. At present it has become clear that both the American government and the Zionists are having a hard time menacing Iran, be it by direct military invasion, economic and technological attrition, or by subversion within the country. After all, had Mohammed Reza Shah lived to 1982 without disruption Iran would have become strong enough to keep any country out of the Gulf, America included, and would have assisted the Palestinians in their struggle. Furthermore, there are transnational groups like the council on foreign relations who want Iran weak. Nor should we forget other factions in Asia and the region who would benefit from a weak Iran. As it is clear now who would want Ali-Reza dead we must now ask would someone have had the opportunity readily available to kill Ali-Reza? Were one to spend time in his neighborhood one would notice many hangouts for anarchists, political activists, and other radical action groups in the area, be they at colleges, bookstores, restaurants, or clubs, in other words plenty of place a potential assassin or terrorist would have to hang out while staking out Ali-Reza without drawing too much attention to themselves. The one remaining thing to succeed would be to have enough influence to make sure that the authorities would regard it as a suicide. At present not only have the Boston pd done a botch job in investigating Ali-Reza’s death no federal law enforcement agency is willing to investigate as well. This same scenario occurred around the strange deaths of Prince Shahriar, Princess Leila, Queen Soraya and Bijan Bakhtiari, Shabour Bakhtiar, Fereydoun Farrokhzad, which leads one to conclude that there was endorsement at some government level of any assassination.

As to the role of Farah and reza in covering up the true nature of Ali-Reza’s death one of two explanations abound. The first is that they are too distraught with grief, however if that were so they would not be acting so reclusive in avoiding the public, including those who share their grief. The second and most likely is that they know who did it, and if so there may be a degree of complicity in Ali-Reza’s death. If one would question why observe the behavior of Farah and reza since 1991 and you will see they have done everything to ruin the chances of a restoration in Iran. Consider their cremating Ali-Reza’s remains. Were the Pahlavi’s true Muslims they would not have done this, as Islam forbids cremation, were they closet Zoroastrians they would not have done it as Zoroastrianism expressly forbids cremation. However cremation would be an excellent way to cover up the true cause of death, which the Pahlavi’s clearly do not want know. Bear in mind that in Farah’s memoirs she clearly states she authorized a doctor to perform a procedure on Princess Leila which resulted in Leila’s death, after Leila had told Farah she did not want any contact with her.

Consider also why reza would not remain in Boston after January 5, nor would he and Farah attend any memorial services for Ali-Reza outside of Bethesda. Clearly they were afraid that someone in the Iranian community would have confronted them about the inconsistences with Ali-Reza’s death. Furthermore, form their behavior and the way the media related the news, I for instance did not learn the details until the morning of January 5 while doing work for RI’s Judiciary, it is clear the days of power and influence for the Pahlavi’s are over.


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