Saturday, February 12, 2011

Connection between Ali-Reza's murder and Egypt/Arab riots

With Mubarak being removed from power by the Egyptian Army on the 32nd anniversarry of the overthrow of Mohammed Reza Shah in Iran. While going over farah's memoirs last night I noticed that Ali-Reza was murdered on the 32nd anniversarry of the guadeloupe meeting where carter, callaghan, d'estaing, and schmidt agreed to remove Mohammed Reza Shah and back khomeini. Interestingly enough not only have farah and reza been silent about their friend Mubarak, but jehan sadat, widow of Mubarak's predecessor Anwar el-Sadat, has been silent too. Curiously jehan sadat was participating in the world affairs council's Middle East world leaders summit from January 3-5 2011. That summit lasted from December 29, 2010-January 12, 2011, and included zalmy khalilzad, jim baker, bill moyers, karen armstrong, joan brown campbell, and aaron david miller, just days before the riots broke in the Arab countries. Coincidence, I think not.
Peter Khan Zendran


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