Sunday, May 03, 2015

Facts of the armenian genocide

That people with affiliation with the armenian revolutionary federation/dashank organization could use influence with the corrupt rhode island just us system to have me held shows that not only are they lying about what really happened in regards to the 1915 massacres but they are nothing more than a terror group.
The truth is that the so-called persecution of the armenians began because the armenian mother of Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II baptized him as a christian, and wanted him to convert the Ottomans from islam to christianity. Had she not done this the armenians would have had few problems. The actions of Enver, Jemal, and Talaat in 1909 and onwards were under the influence of Abdul Hamid II.
During the First World War the armenians l fielded a force 200,000 strong under the command of andranik ozanian which served under the Imperial Russian Army when it invaded the Ottoman Empire, and that combined with the anglo-french Dardanelles campaign prompted the 1915 massacres.
During the Russian revolution the armenian revolutionary federation/dashank organization, set up the armenian republic , which attacked ethnic Turanians in the Caucasus, including Enver Pasha's Pan-Turanian movement. Once the communists occupied armenia, with the assistance of the mikoyans and hamazaps, fighting stopped and the armenian revolutionary federation/dashank organization went abroad and underground.
With the breakup of communist Russia the armenian revolutionary federation/dashank organization once again organized an armenian republic at the expense of ethnic Turanians, and conflict continues to this day with the armenian revolutionary federation/dashank organization using lies to obtain foreign assistance which is the only thing keeping armenia stable.
If you really want to do something positive about the armenian genocide take this advice.


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