Monday, May 18, 2015

Book which influenced Tamerlan Tsarnayev for sale

Pictured below is the one of the copies of "Iran; The Lion of War" which Tamerlan Tsarnayev read when it was carried in stock by harvard book store, still retianing the harvard usb label on it, and the same copy I presented to the feds and had with me during the confrontation I had with the feds at the Tsarnayev trial. 

As Dzhokar Tsarnayev has now been sentenced I am now putting that copy up for sale. As this is no ordinary copy the sale price is one of the following options below.
1. $500 USD
2. Make an offer I can't refuse
3.. The best description of what you would do to avenge your comrades being maltreated in prison, as Tamerlan did for me and his other friends.
Please get back to me here on this.


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