Sunday, May 03, 2015

Zendran political prisoner for pro-Tsarnayev anti-dashank views

On April 1/2 I woke up around midnight to find someone in the act of smashing up the place I was staying at on the cranston/providence city line. This had been going on for months when I was not around, however that night that person was continuing to vandalize the place I was at and was carrying a container of gasoline. I promptly responded by picking up a 2x4 and beat up the vandal within a minute, immobilizing him. Some people across the street called 911 and the vandal and I were detained by both providence and cranston police. After talking with both forces providence told me that vandal, paul goulart, was pressing charges on me for assault, and I told them I wanted to press counter-charges for his vandalism and his attack involving gasoline.
On April 2 judge ippolito refused to allow me to enter any plea and had me held for competency, setting no bail on the charge. Once brought to jail they refused to allow me to have copies of my books I had with me, as well as a copy of the doctor's report from March 30 which stated I was being treated for heart problems from my December/January detention, and I was held in isolation. I was found competent within days and brought back to court on April 10. During the negotiations with the ri attorney general they were insistent on jail time citing "radical social and political views" I had expressed. I was then brought before judge christine jabour who gave me 30 days to be followed by 11 months probation. After talking with the lawyers I was given I learned there were two factors behind my sentence.
1. That leslie and luke yeransian, who are close friends of judge jabour and her brother ri state senator paul jabour, and other associates of the jabours who are arf/dashank members including the zobians, claimed they were in fear of their saftey because of me, and afraid of any protest I would do regarding the 100th anniversarry of the armenian massacres.
2. That I knew Tamerlan Tsarnayev and my actions and writings inspired the actions of the Tsarnayev brothers in April 2013.
Not only was I held for 30 days in isolation, were not only I could not do my prayings but could not even call a lawyer. 
I was released yesterday and not only have I contacted the owners of the place I was staying at regarding countercharges and lawyers regarding the use of irrelevant socio-political issues to detain me., I am contacting my own doctors as well.


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