Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Personal property stolen while in prison

Today I finally got to my friend’s place where I checked my mail, particularly as when I was released Saturday I was told my stuff had been mailed out and that “someone had picked up my stuff, despite the fact that no property inventory list was done of my belongings as was done with all others who were held.

Once I opened the package of what was mailed out all that was inside were hand wipe packets, business cards, various paperwork, and my cell phone charger.  The items missing included

All my ID’s, including my Munze Osterreich ID

My keys

3 Central Asian Silver coins

Copies of my books “Iran; The Lion of War” and “Victimization of the Farsi, Arab, Turanian, and Central and Western Asian Peoples”

Copies of all articles I published on PersianMirror

The White Central Asian fur hat given to me by Captain Lawrence Gemma USN shortly before he died

My watson institute pen

Medical paperwork from L and M hospital regarding recent treatment for a heart condition

A change of clothes

My Kensico Cemetery bags

My two cell phones with the personal numbers for

My Gilanshahi relatives who were members of the Imperial Iranian court

My contacts in the Iranian and American armed forces

William Beeman PhD

Marjan Faritous/Persia Pele

Melody Damayo/Mimi Miyagi

Barry Chamish and his producers

Ryan Noah Shapiro

Johnston RI IAFF 1950

Det. John Finnegan

Col. Frank Lennon, USAR

I have already changed the locks on my storage unit and checked it with the management, while nothing was missing the manager did mention some cops had recently been at the place using suspicious pretexts to enter the premises, and the lock on my mailbox is being changed.  I have already spoken with the lawyers who handled my case, and they are looking into this theft, as they told me all my property was being held until I was either released or one of their people came to retrieve it.


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