Tuesday, May 19, 2015

More on my book which inspired Tamerlan Tsarnayev

In putting that copy of my book which Tamerlan Tsarnayev read up for sale I should clarify why it is not "murderabilia" as some claim.
The ninth chapter discusses the origins of the hashishim, the followers of Hasan-I Sabbah, who's attacks, like the October 16, 1092 assassination of Nizam al-Mulk, set the standard for Islamic jihadi attacks, and that chapter analyzes why the hashishim were not more successful. The Thirteenth chapter goes into the treaties of Gulistan and Turkmanchai, where Russia forced Iran to give up territory in the Caucasus, including Chechnya, which is when the Chechen wars against Russia began.
I had met with the us secret service, department of homeland security, fbi, us marshals, and state police of massachusetts and rhode island and not once would they even read those crucial chapters which influenced Tamerlan Tsarnayev, let alone check for his fingerprints and dna.
It should also be understood that the writings and works of noam chomsky, puff diddy, wu-tang, insane clown posse, judas priest have inspired more acts of violence than mine, and the writings and works of karl marx, emma goldman, richard wagner, fredrich nietzsche, malcolm x, jackie robinson, and howard zinn, continue to inspire more acts of violence than mine. 
Not only the Tsarnayevs but Man Harmon Monis, the Kouachi brothers, and Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi each did their acts based on my writings and works, yet I do not run when others use my work as inspiration for acts of violence, I confront them head on. 
Those acts and the opinions I and others express are not incitement, they are expressions of reacting to persecution. If you want to understand further then get this copy at my price, while you can.


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