Friday, May 29, 2015

Update on Zendran inheritance/washington trust case

I just left superior court in regards to my case against washington trust.
At today's hearing washington trust provided affidavits in which they stated they had no records of my family's assets, citing federal regulations regarding statue of limitations regarding information of inactive accounts.  As a result Judge van couyghen dismissed my case, claiming I needed to file suit against my stepdad and lenihan law, now margaret steele law, as they were the ones who drafted the Will and Trust.  The Judge additionally noted in dismissing the case if any of my family's assets are uncovered after his dismissal they are to be put into the trust for me.
This dismissal is a surprise, as both rogrean makowski and betty ricci of washington trust repeatedly lied on their affidavits and nothing was noted about the lack of effort on the part of washington trust to contact me in regards to the trust.


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